Beach Beauty | Jeannelle's Classic Boudoir

Every time I connect with Jeannelle I know my souls is going to walk away warm, full, and refreshed. There are just some clients your camera was made to capture, and that’s the bond I have with Jeannelle. When she contacted me about the idea for this shoot I was immediately like “YES!” It’s every photographers dream to have clients who come up with fresh bold new idea and request; but who also trust you to capture them in your own creative way. Anyone who comes to me and trust to the capture them in a way that might be very vulnerable or new is just an honor for me. 

In the weeks before the shoot I was searching for old WW2 photos and lifestyle photography so that I really could get a feel for the time. I knew I didn’t want to do something so exact and create this replica of the times, but I wanted to bring Jeannelle’s personality and her own journey to the piece. I wanted to be a little more raw, bold, and yet soft too. The second greatest part of this session was shooting with old expired film!!!! This set the tone for the rest of my post edits and gave her such a dynamic range! So proud of how subtle and out loud the shoot turned out to be. Another amazing one for the books.

Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be Brilliant. 

Kyra IversonComment