our mission & vision


Art is my life, because art is life.  From the first time I held a camera, I knew photography would play a big part in who I would become.  As an Independent Photographer, it is my belief that pictures offer the unique opportunity to experience  moments in life that we could never otherwise relive. I would be honored to capture those precious moments in your life and make them truly unforgettable.


Film and black & white photography are my first loveThere is  pure beauty in the human race. I love capturing the raw essence of a person, using film and B&W photos allows me to take away all the other distractions of life and color, and focus on the pure natural beauty of the subject. Such a style is seen in my idols such as Richard Avedon and Garry Winogrand. Their ability to capture people in their raw form, at their highest and lowest moments was amazing. Being a photographer to me is more then just taking great photos, it is about being an artist! Using people as your canvas and your lens as your brush. 

I hope that my artistic eye and your natural beauty will come together and create a masterpiece.