Young Love on Lands End - SF | Alexzander & Kimberly

There is one thing that San Francisco is always consistent about, and thats being completely inconsistent when it comes to the weather. Any true Bay Area resident knows you can be blocking the sun out your eye near City Hall or pulling through winds of 65mph near the coast. Such was the case when capturing these two young love birds. I have personally known Alex since he was a young child so when I got an email from him inquiring about portraits I almost fell out. YOUNG LOVE is the absolute best, and it’s a pleasure that young couples such as him and his beautiful fiancé chose us to capture their love story. 

Lands End always creates for a special session because sometimes the area is clear and sunny and others it can be foggy and overcast, and in its rare special moments we can have both. I like the days it’s kind of overcast as it creates for a beautiful dreamy look. Which was perfect for these two. How did these two meet? In a short version: Alex met Kim during his shift volunteering in the SF area. How did the bond? Naturally over boba! (I have yet to try it! Don't judge.) Kim loves boba, but most of her friends didn’t so Alex of course became her boba guide around the city, and between cafes, milk, and strong tea a love was formed. 

We only can share part of their story as with all love stories; as we believe words can’t really explain what two people feel and see in each other. Sometimes we happen to capture a glimpse of it behind the lens of a camera, or even greater we get to stand in its presence and just feel its strength. Here's a small creamy glimpse of these two engagement session. 💍🍾