A Year Later | Sweet Bauer's Newborn Session

Today marks exactly a year that this sweet baby boy was born. Inside i am so proud to see the little guy he has grown to become, the other side is so nervous for him to grow up in this world. Even though he is my nephew I was so happy when my sister asked me to document his growth. From the day he was in her tummy, to the moment he came earth side, and now to day when he has officially been here for a year!!!

This same day last year that I was in the hospital for his birth on this day I’m at the hospital recovering from a major lupus attack.

It’s amazing how life goes like that. Part of me was extremely sad and depressed, because I secretly had a whole plan for his first year, and as his aunty I was feeling I had neglected him and missed out on so much. I am not a parent and because of my disease may not personally ever be, but I take pride in being an aunt to all my nephews and nieces! So when I feel as if I’m missing out and not present at the very least for the milestones in their lives it really effects me. I can not provide much, but I believe providing and capturing these moments is a priceless gift and treasure they will appreciate forever.

I say all this to say, not everything goes as plan but this kid still comes by my house and makes me feel like I’m the best aunt in town. Just to watch him singing and dancing (he always has a song in his heart) around the house. Rubbing my leg and blowing endless kisses! Love exudes from and through him. I realized our gifts are given in the way we make one another smile. It’s in the fact that we just showed up. The rest is extra.♥️

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