Framing & Negative Space


Every photographer has there style and eye. (At least they should!) I am currently a fanatic when it comes to using nature to frame my subjects, along with taking negative space and making it super dreamy and romantic. Below I’ll will break down briefly what these are and how you can create artistic portraits with only your phone! 

Framing is just like it sounds! You use your surroundings to create a “frame” around your subject. You can use trees, mirrors, leaves, and so much more! Framing helps not only center your subject, but also adds range, depth, and even contrast. All great things! The best way to capture great framing is to look for holes! I know your thinking huh? Yes, look for gaps in plants, items that drop down, or even cut outs. Then use your home button on your phone (Circle on bottom of iPhones) to center your-subject. You may have to move around and play with angles. You want the subject to be centered with that home button! 



Negative Space can be tricky, more so because it’s definitely all about preference and taste. I’ve had people love the look and hate the look. However, when done right it honestly can add a style and view of portraits many people don’t have. However, I know hearing the word “negative” in any fashion is a automatic turn off. We are turning that ‘negative’ into a positive! In the photo sense negative just refers to blank space. When shooting I look for settings that I can photograph a lot of negative space, but still adds to the picture and creates a “theme” or mood. Currently many photographers are  the shooting a lot of white negative space. Which looks great on instagram, however might not always go over well with a client. I particularly shoot this way with couples. Why? Idk I just personally think it creates a more intimate loving mood, but I don't look for large empty white space. I look for large areas that include color, texture, and overall balance. See example to the left. How to  do it? Using the same technique as the framing, but now your going to tilt your phone up. So that you capture more of the space above. You can also use the rule of thirds. (Google it)


And that my friends is some simple tricks to change those iPhone Portrait Mode into some fun and new fine art portraits! Now go out there and try it and don’t forget to tag us in your post we’d love to see how it works for you and what you capture!