Where We Align

Despite our trauma, the constant competition placed between us, and the silence. We all are suffering and having our mental health and self love challenged. After surgery I had the hardest time healing my mind and soul to love myself again. 

Through conversations with fellow women and their stories of art and healing; I found myself growing and being wrapped in love again. Healing is possible and though we all have a different path we walk, this is where we align.

Excerpt :


She lights a candle on a rustic rug. Barefooted we walk onto this page of our lives where our journeys will cross. I load film into my old Nikon camera, she lights her cluster of sage, and sets the stones and crystals to begin our discussion about healing, growth, and thanks. At this exact moment, the sun shines upon us through the window, and I smile from the heart. Have you ever had a conversation with a stranger, when you suddenly discover that your journey through life is somehow mirrored in their experiences? Like you were swimming in the ocean of life without knowing that next to you was a synchronized swimmer making the same waves with her movement. This is the feeling I had when speaking with Jeannelle and Priscila. It reminded me of something my mentor once said, “no matter how hard we try...women grow together.”

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Let's Talk Pricing

Girl you sooo expensive
— That Client

I’ve been debating about addressing my pricing. Mainly because there’s this weird “taboo” about discussing money, however, in the past few months/encounters I’ve had some question my sessions pricing. So I decided I’d break down how and why I price a few of my popular sessions.


To start some might not believe this but I’ve actually been told by many in this industry that I’m “too cheap” and I’m “undercutting the market”. I’ve been asked by a few fellow photographers; who I considered to be mentors and way above me in years and experience to raise my rates considerably. I never have. Why? 

  • I want everybody to have a chance to take amazing stunning portraits

  • I love what I do 

  • I love that people love what I do

  • I don’t want to price out the community I come from


Saying all this, I know I can not lower my rates to match those of the quick go to photographers. I believe in quality over quantity. There is a reason you as client person approaches me vs asking cousin Josh who just got a new camera to photograph their family. There is a reason you are attracted to my work. There is so much love and energy put into my shoots. The time alone is remarkable. A quick break down of them time it typically takes to work on a session (double it for weddings): 

  • Hours shooting 1-2

  • Hours SOFT editing 2-3 DAYS

  • Hours Detail Editing 1-2weeks 

Also, many true professional photographers are investing those “rates” they offer into the business only to make sure it’s better for their clients. Just to list a few of the behind the scene investments:

    • Gear insurance 

    • Quality printing/paper not Costco

    • Details and colors 

    • Finest products 

    • Speedy turn around 

    • Variety gear for my variety of clients

    • Diversity !!!

    • Film!!!

    • Gear insurance 

    • Quality printing/paper not Costco

    • Details and colors 

    • Finest products 

    • Speedy turn around 

    • Variety gear for my variety of clients

    • Diversity !!!

    • Film!!!


That doesn’t  even include if your photographer is also renting studio space and studio gear! Counting all this I’m reasonable. Not only do we as professionals know that our work is worth what we ask, but believe you the clients are worth these rates and quality portraits we provide. Countless times I hear feedback from families and couples that say  “we didn’t know what to expect, but you provided more then we could imagine” and “taking the pictures and the fun we had during the session is now part of our memories together!”  

5 Things We're Excited for in 2019

I can’t believe the new year is here already! We have been taking the month of January to start executing new goals and most of all cleaning up our “office” space. We are so excited for all that is happening this year! We thought we let you in on our top 5 things we are excited about in 2019!

5. WeddingWire Work SF!

Every few years we really look into attending conferences, expos, and networking events in the wedding industry so that we can not only improve our skills, but receive new education and of course meet new friends within the photography industry. This will be our first time attending an event hosted by WeddingWire, and we look forward to all the things we will learn. Best part is that it is right in our own back yard, so hopefully many of the faces will be of local vendors and talent. 


4. WPPI 2019

Also, another expo we are looking forward to attending is WPPI 2019. We went back in 2017 and had an amazing time listening and learning from amazing talents such as Jose Villa, Joel Serrato, Johnathan Canlas, and Ike & Tash. This year we are looking forward to testing out new gear along with making some new investments in lenses, and especially film products.  Kind Hearted Images is always in a state of growth and building; having a solid education is a huge part of that. In any given day the tide can change in this industry, but more importantly we enjoy bringing the latest and best items for our clients. We never want to become stagnant or complacent in our style. Not to mention we are excited to fan girl over some of our favorite photographers that we follow on instagram.  


3. Styled Shoot & Series

Probably hands down the top thing I am looking forward to. In the past few years we have been working on various project that have been/being published. Also, we over the years have been able to create various personal series that highlight many of the things we believe in, and like to encourage positive views and upliftings. We started out with the Sisterhood Series and the Walking Phenomenally Series. This year we are excited to be developing a series that is extremely personal and has taken over a year to formulate and develop. Stay tuned in March for its big reveal. In the meantime check out our previous series! 



This year is our time take off to NY  to visit my sister, and also some of our dear east coast friends. It’s my goal to finally make it out to Warwick and see the new facility, along with taking a day trip to DC to view the National Museum of African American History and Culture! WE have seen so many great photos and heard wonderful reviews. However, I’m starting now trying to emotionally prepare for what I am about to see. Would also love to meet up with some fellow photograpHER friends from out that way. DC has been on my list of places to visit. We might even do a few shoots while in NY; but the main goal is to spend time with my sister and family. I love visiting all my east coast family, just not in the snow! 


1. Shooting Amazing Weddings

As always we are excited to shoot so amazing weddings and couples this year. Some who quite close to our heart. Along with couples, our family is continue to grow in more ways than one, which I feel so blessed about. Also, we are excited to announce we will be bringing back newborn lifestyle sessions for a bit so book now! All in all 2019 is looking like it will be a great year! Excited for what else it may have in store.