Berkley Hills Engagement Session: Moe & Lindsey


I love Berkeley. There is something about it that just says LOVE. Not only because it was known for its hippie culture but there a beautiful natural friendship among it’s residents. In this town way above its busy streets is the iconic Tilden Park. Here is were Moe & Lindsey escaped for their warm nature filled engagement shoot.

Facts we started on a rough foot the day before trying to brace the gushing winds of SF and eventually had to give in to the bitter cold day and unforgiving wind. As a photographer anytime you have to reschedule a shoot your already on edge. Thinking the couple is judging you of this very moment and it just can easily go down hill fast. Thankfully this lovely couple was so easy going and rearranged their day off to retake portraits! I’m so glad they did and that the chose this stunning lark.

I’m defiantly a person who chases light and nature. I feel like trying to create light is sort of like a slap in the face to God. He’s given us the best light source ever, you just have to know you to use it. (I think this applies more to life then just the area of pictures) Up in the hills this couple swooned again underneath the massive trunks of redwoods and in the vibrant palms. At one point I stood back and thought, honestly I didn’t really have a hand in much. Life, love, and nature had done all the work. I was just fortunate to be there to capture it at that very moment. And so that goes with a lot that we experience as humans and photographers.

Are we creating or capturing? A lot is done for us simply because life just is. We are blessed to be witnesses to its unwavering beauty.