40 Year Anniversary | Don & Ameena

We have learned that our attitude really can make or break situations. Finding the positive in any situation helps us continue to be supportive of one another, and take on any challenge because we know we have each other.

On July 17, 2017 my lovely parents celebrated 40 years of marriage! So many who saw my quick Facebook/Instagram post asked me the same simple questions; HOW? 40 years seems like a long impossible achievement for many in my generation. As social media and the celebrity blogs have made it seem that loyalty, faithfulness, and basically any long-term relationships are a dying breed. However, love is not fleeting and anyone can do it. 

I sat my mom down briefly and asked that question thats burning on all our brains; How did you stay married after all these years? Trust me, as their daughter I scratch my head sometimes also wondering how they do it. I've witness many of their struggles. Losing parents, children, family turmoil, financial struggles, both beating cancer, and even taking care of myself during many long hospital stays. Through it all the remained faithful and completely in love. Here are their quick 6 tips.

Kyra IversonComment