Our 5th Anniversary | Company Reflection

I started my company while I was fighting for my life.

In the beginning I didn’t really believe Kind Hearted Images was  going to work. Let’s face it, the title “Photographer” is on EVERYONE'S resume these days! On top of my disbelief in what I thought was a "cliche business", I was facing a year long stint in the hospital battling constant pain and major depression. I needed to start believing that one day I was going to return to a normal life outside of hospital walls! This was the realization and motivation to begin planning what is now, Kind Hearted Images. Let me start from the beginning!

Hi! My name is Kyra Iverson. I am a California Bay Area based photographer, who has been blessed to have 5 years of owning and running my own business and more importantly 5 years doing what I L O V E! Okay...so your wondering how did someone like me end up fighting for my life in a hospital, anyway? Well, quick summary, at age 15 I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. Unfortunately, not too long after I graduated High School, my condition got worse and by the time Doctors figured out exactly what it was, it was to late. Three surgeries later most of the damage was done and I was finally diagnosed with Lupus. I spent a lot of my time in the hospital recovering and managing the flare ups. Despite all this I refuse to be some sad story, this was just a sad point in my life full of love, support, and blessings.

So to pass the time and refocus, I started researching and constructing this business. I made phone calls, ordered gear, and even honed my skills by photographing nurses and families in the hospitals (Seriously!).  Eventually, on December 15, 2011, Kind Hearted Images was born!

My love for photography has never changed or swayed. Right out of high school I got a job with a private photo company, and worked my way up to be one of the main photographers. I loved that studio, but I wanted to pursue my passion. Shooting my own sessions in FILM! With time, hard work, and A LOT of self sacrifice I made this dream come true.

Every photographer has a story. I believe if you make it 5 years on your own, you can make it to 10, 15, 20, 25, and so forth. Over the past few years I have watched myself grow tremendously. Blossoming in my art, passion, and love for what I do. I named this business Kind Hearted Images, because it's the trait that best described me and its a quality I wish to see grow in the world. Many times we talk about love, but sometimes it’s not about love, its about being sincerely kind. You don’t necessarily have to love something or someone to be sincere and kind. My motto is to be generous. The Golden Rule; right? I hope the past 5 years proves to those who've worked with me, and those who haven’t, that Kind Hearted Images is here for the long run. And we hope you will continue to run with us!

My penny of wisdom to everyone this new year is: let's take less selfies, and take more self-care! Smile often and always be kind…kind-hearted! And shoot with us! lol

She is clothed with strength and splendor,
And she looks to the future with confidence.
— Proverbs 31:25
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