Where We Align

Despite our trauma, the constant competition placed between us, and the silence. We all are suffering and having our mental health and self love challenged. After surgery I had the hardest time healing my mind and soul to love myself again. 

Through conversations with fellow women and their stories of art and healing; I found myself growing and being wrapped in love again. Healing is possible and though we all have a different path we walk, this is where we align.

Excerpt :


She lights a candle on a rustic rug. Barefooted we walk onto this page of our lives where our journeys will cross. I load film into my old Nikon camera, she lights her cluster of sage, and sets the stones and crystals to begin our discussion about healing, growth, and thanks. At this exact moment, the sun shines upon us through the window, and I smile from the heart. Have you ever had a conversation with a stranger, when you suddenly discover that your journey through life is somehow mirrored in their experiences? Like you were swimming in the ocean of life without knowing that next to you was a synchronized swimmer making the same waves with her movement. This is the feeling I had when speaking with Jeannelle and Priscila. It reminded me of something my mentor once said, “no matter how hard we try...women grow together.”

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