Top 5 Ways to be the Best Bridesmaid

[...] you’re there to be an all around support for the bride, wether you’re giving her tissue for her tears or vodka for her fears!

Being a Bridesmaid is such a huge honor! Nothing is better then being there for your girl on her BIG day! However, many people don't know that bridesmaids actually serve a HUGE purpose in the wedding and with assisting the Bride. It's easy to get caught up on how your bridesmaid dress will look, hair, nails, etc. But being there for your girl is the most important thing. Below are 5 top things we noticed while shooting and being apart of weddings that really can go a long way! 


1. They BIG day can be stressful, no doubt your girl might be experiencing a whole range of emotions! Be the calm force in the middle of the storm. Keep the bride smiling and laughing, and always remain POSITIVEBring up crazy memories, praise her for her beauty and finding love, and sometimes a hug or holding her hand can be all that is needed.

2. BEING PREPARED! I can't stress this enough how having a handy side bag with every emergency tool is perfect! Below is a image of what you can have in there. Not only being prepared for physical emergencies, but also emotional ones. Many brides experience brief anxiety attacks or nervous bouts. Being an emotional support is so necessary and crucial. This means pay attention to the bride throughout the day even before or during her walk down the aisle. Preparation is key!

Image by ©GraphicsPedia 

Image by ©GraphicsPedia 

3. Be HELPFUL with other bridesmaids and wedding party. Sometimes Brides can have large wedding parties that can need some extra help. Such as getting ready, timeline concerns, and so much more. To reduce the brides stress be open and aware of these individuals needs too. Such as helping them fix their hair, mend tore a dress, or rehearsing speeches and ceremony steps. Also, if you can take the brides phone during her "getting ready" part of the day. There is nothing worse then watching a bride trying to pampered and prepped, but constantly being interrupted by last minute text/calls from guest or vendors. Allow her to enjoy this calming time by being the buffer or middle person. 

Keep the bride smiling and laughing, and always remain POSITIVE.

4. Be SUPPORTIVE! This is probably the worst thing to see at a wedding, but you'd be surprised how often it happens. Never forget this day is not about you, but all about the Bride & Groom. Sometimes as bridesmaids you will be asked to pose or do things that might be out of your comfort zone, but is being done at the bride's request. Maybe that position doesn't fit your angle or show those curves you worked super hard to get for the wedding. That's okay! This day and it's parts are for the couple. So remember to be supportive and cooperative in their plans or ideas. This not only helps the day run smoothly, but also really shows what a great bridesmaid and friend you truly are!

DSC_0070 (1)-2.JPG

5. Lastly, HAVE SOOOO MUCH FUN! After the ceremony the reception is all about having a great time. Be the party starter, perhaps the couple might need to take some private time to dwell in the moment, take portraits, potty, or even just grab a few shots! Be that bridesmaid that not only mingles with the wedding party, but also keeps the guest pumped and going. This might mean you're the one breaking out on the electric slide or up with the DJ singing "I GOT THIS FEELING" at the top of your lungs. (It's LIT!) Trust your girl will love you for it, and you won't regret having fun! It's kind of impossible to do!


Image by ©Glenn Balmes Photography

Image by ©Glenn Balmes Photography

Just know when you say yes to being a bridesmaid you're there to be an all around support for the bride, wether you're giving her tissue for her tears or vodka for her fears! You're the go to person for it all.

Thanks for tuning in and we hope these tips help! Yes, if you're wondering that last picture is me turning all the way up at my best friends wedding where I was honored to be her 'Maid of Honor'!